Our Products & Services

We provide a range of core productss and services from writing a will to the planning and implementation of corporate mergers and aquisitions in over half the countries of the world.
As an integrated part of the UNICOR family we can provide Real Estate, Finance, Insurance, Security, and Marketing services under one roof and through a single point of access. All companies, divisions and associated businesses within the group provide the same guarantee of provision under the FIRST Principles that have helped build the group from a one man operation and a Five Pound note in 1980 to the ever growing enterprise it has become today, incorporating Property, Money, Telecoms, Publishing, Media and Business Services.

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Personal & Family

We don't usually Plan to Fail, but we often Fail to Plan. 

UNILAW helps guide you to the best path to achieve your personal & Family goals, from buying your first home to helping plan for your familys security when it is time to pass the reigns to your next generation. We have your back all the way.

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Our decades of personal experience in building enterprises both large and small gives you access to guidance money just can't buy. 

We know the pitfalls and the shortcuts, the risks and rewards of taking the leap from planning to implementation, and we know how to cover your behind just in case the unforseen happens at any step of the way.

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Earning it is hard, but keeping it and making it Work for You is even harder. 
Our experience and ability to research opportunities to a depth that every potential risk is exposed and reward identified so that you can make the balanced decision based on facts rather than sales pitch to ensure you maximise the Return on your Investments every time.